God is calling this generation of youth and young adults to a place of intimacy and fellowship with Him. He is preparing the land for true worshipers that will no longer be bound by religion but will carry and usher an expression of God’s love and the worth for God. This global youth movement is centered on cultivating the spiritual heart, moving from a place of boredom to a deeper place with God, by becoming fascinated with Jesus Christ.  This ministry is committed to using all available media and online platforms to engage, train and send fourth. All ages are welcome, as we pursue the heart of God in worship, (2 Corinthians 4:7), But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.



is the awakening of the spiritual heart, coming alive, based on encountering the reality of God, through His Word. This encounter with God will cause your pursuit, passion and purpose to increase for God. The process of engaging involves becoming fascinated about Jesus Christ.


consists of communicating biblical truth that will bring about transformation, focusing not only on theology, but also equipping from a practical approach (how can I make an impact with this truth). Training must consist of a Supernatural (God’s absolute power on display) and a prophetic approach (hearing and doing from a Godly perspective).


is for the sole purpose of making Jesus known, by carrying an expression (lively or vivid representation or feelings about the precious truth of the Gospel of Jesus). This can only take place after the spiritual heart of a believer has been filled with truth and revelation of Jesus Christ.


It is our deepest heart’s cry to see children, youth and young adults of this generation blossom spiritually and walking in their God given purpose. One young person connected to the Father’s Heart means many more coming into this beautiful communication with him, through their testimony and service. We will use every available technology to accomplish our goals.

God Made Millionaire TV Show (Guest Speaker: Albert Chisolm, God created everyone with a purpose)

Albert is an author, A Journey To Your Purpose and a prophetic voice for this generation. Albert had a life-changing encounter with the Presence of God. This brought instant victory over his addiction and healing of his wounded heart. This encounter revealed that God has a purpose and plan for everyone. During this supernatural encounter with God, God revealed His love (Warmth of God’s Love) and value He has for everyone, including the brokenhearted, the lost, and the rejected. When one fully understands, and experience the Love of God, it changes everything. During this segment, Albert shares a Prophetic Message for the youth and how God will use them to bring about a great harvest of souls for the kingdom.