Journey To Your Purpose


The journey to your purpose must begin with the realization that God has created you with a purpose. God’s purpose is defined as His intention, will, and plans for your life and He alone can reveal them. This book deals with the one profound question: “What is my purpose in life?”

This journey will reveal the importance of taking care of your spiritual heart. It is the heart—one of God’s most important treasures—that reveals your true intent toward Him. The healthier your spiritual heart is, the greater your connection with God, and the greater your heartbeat for Him will be.

On this journey of connecting with God in an intimate way, one must begin to inquire about who God is, what He does, how He thinks, and what He desires. An intimate relationship with God means becoming spiritually connected with Him. God loves you regardless of what you have or have not done.


  • Chapter 1 – Living a Meaningful Life
  • Chapter 2 – What is Your Purpose
  • Chapter 3 – Who, Me?
  • Chapter 4 – Young, but with a Purpose
  • Chapter 5 – Who will this Generation Serve?
  • Chapter 6 – Guarding Your Heart
  • Chapter 7 – The Heart of a Relationship
  • Chapter 8 – Real Talk: A Confession to God
  • Chapter 9 – God’s Gifts Don’t Have Limits
  • Chapter 10- Encountering Your Purpose Through Intimacy
  • Chapter 11- Passing the Mantle
  • Chapter 12- A Message from the Father’s Heart


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